Laboratory of Toxicology

Jako jednostka badawcza posiadająca certyfikat
Dobrej Praktyki Laboratoryjnej umożliwiamy
realizację badań do celów rejestracyjnych
i licencjonowania

As a laboratory with a Good Laboratory Practice certificate
we enable testing for registration and licensing purposes


Experimental studies

conducted at the Laboratory of Toxicology SORBOLAB

  1. Acute Oral Toxicity – Fixed Dose Procedure – OECD 420/EU B.1.BIS
  2. Acute Toxicity – Fixed Dose Procedure – intraperitoneal/ subcutaneous/intravascular toxicity – OECD 420/EU B.1.BIS
  3. Acute Oral toxicity – Acute Toxic Class Method – OECD Nr 423/EU B.1.TRIS
  4. Acute Dermal Toxicity – OECD Nr 402/EU B.3
  5. Acute Dermal Irritation/Corrosion – OECD Nr 404/EU B.4
  6. Acute Eye Irritation/Corrosion – OECD Nr 405/EU B.5
  7. Skin Sensitisation – OECD Nr 406/EU B.6
  8. Bovine Corneal Opacity and Permeability Test Method for Identifying i) Chemicals Inducing Serious Eye Damage and ii) Chemicals Not Requiring Classification for Eye Irritation or Serious Eye Damage – OECD 437
  9. In Vitro Skin Corrosion: Transcutaneous Electrical Resistance Test Method (TER) – OECD 430
  1. Repeated Dose 28-day Oral Toxicity Study in Rodents – OECD Nr 407/EU B.7
  2. Repeated Dose 28-day Toxicity Study in Rodents (intraperitoneal/subcutaneous) – OECD Nr 407/EU B.7
  3. Repeated Dose Dermal Toxicity: 21/28-day Study – OECD Nr 410/EU B.9
  1. Repeated Dose 90-Day Oral Toxicity Study in Rodents – OECD Nr 408/EU B.26
  2. Subchronic Dermal Toxicity: 90-day Study – OECD Nr 411/EU B.28
  1. Chronic Toxicity Studies – OECD Nr 452/EU B.30
  2. Carcinogenicity Studies – OECD Nr 451/EU B.32
  3. Combined Chronic Toxicity/Carcinogenicity Studies – OECD Nr 453/EU B.33
  1. Prenatal Development Toxicity Study – OECD Nr 414/EU B.31
  2. Reproduction/Developmental Toxicity Screening Test – OECD Nr 415/EU B.34
  3. One-Generation Reproduction Toxicity Study – OECD Nr 415/EU B.34
  4. Extended One-Generation Reproductive Toxicity Study – OECD 443
  5. Two-Generation Reproduction Toxicity – OECD Nr 416/EU B.35

Other studies may be conducted on request

Substances toxicity

Experimental researches performed at the our Toxicology Lab can be used to assessment of toxicity chemical substances, pharmaceutical products, veterinary drugs, industrial chemicals, plant protection products, feed additives and others.

GHS classifications

Experimental researches performed at the our Toxicology Lab are useful for to classification chemicals and mixtures
according to the global system of classification and labeling of chemical substances and mixtures (GHS system).

All studies conducted in Toxicology Laboratory SORBOLAB are performer according to the latest actualization of OECD guidelines and according Polish law and according Good Laboratory Practice.

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