Reliability, Timeliness, Credibility

The priority of theSORBOLAB Research Laboratory is the quality of services performed.
We carry out research in a solid, timely and reliable manner.

Expert Quality Guarantee

We guarantee correctness, repeatability and correct interpretation of results through detailed documentation of the course of each study. Our Partners and Customers confirm the highest level of service, timeliness and quality of performed tests.


We strictly comply with all legal provisions and in particular the Confidentiality rules.


All tests are performed by a competent, flexible and qualified staff.

Cost optimization

The SORBOLAB research laboratory is an expert in the field of comprehensive testing laboratory, known from timely, reliable and cost-effective implementation services.

We are one of the leading laboratories in the study of GLP of chemical products in Poland

We constantly care about improving quality and standards, which is confirmed by:

Certificate of Good Laboratory Practice documenting the fulfillment of all requirements made by the Office for Chemical Substances.

Authorization of the Main Inspector of Plant Health and Seed Inspection to conduct research on effectiveness of plant protection products.

Authorization to carry out experiments on animals and laboratory animal husbandry

Implementation of standards of conduct in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008