We care for the safety of people and nature

This is the primary goal of our interdisciplinary
tests when using chemical products.


SORBOLAB is a modern research laboratory with extensive experience on the European market.

We are one of the leading laboratory in the DPL research of chemical products in Poland.

The subject of our research are chemical substances and products, biocidal products, plant
protection products and their residues, medicinal and veterinary products, household chemistry products and many others.

The scope of the research in brief

physicochemical properties
chemical analytics
toxic properties
environmental toxicity for aquatic and terrestrial organisms


Good Laboratory Practice Certificate issued by the Office for Chemical Substances

Certified Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001

Authorization of the Main Inspector of Plant Health and Seed Inspection to conduct research on effectiveness of plant protection products

Authorization to carry out experiments on animals and laboratory animal husbandry

Test and measurement methods

Commission Regulation (EC) No. 440/2008 (REACH testing methods)
Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council 528/2012 (EU)
own methods validated
standardized methods

A team of specialists in the field of comprehensive laboratory testing

We serve both international corporations and companies operating on the Polish market.

We carry out orders and scientific projects for institutes and universities.

We create highly experienced expert teams in the field of toxicology and ecotoxicology.

We have the authority to perform animal tests.

We implement comprehensive solutions for efficiency testing and chemical analysis.

SORBOLAB is a new generation laboratory

We use new laboratory techniques.

We effectively manage projects thanks to automation of processes and use of modern tools for communication.

SORBOLAB is an opinion-forming centre

We cooperate with Universities and Institutes, i.e. as partners of grant projects. Our specialists realize their passions through participation in research, the effect of which are publications and works presented at scientific conferences.

SORBOLAB is substantive support

We provide substantive consulting services and assistance in technical matters with a guarantee of responsibility.

Expert Quality Guarantee

Check why our Partners and Clients are satisfied with the quality of the tests.

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Our strengths are reliability, punctuality and objectivity.